Friday, August 31, 2012


What keeps a person up until almost 5 in the morning? My desire to watch TV or play video games died about 4 hours ago, there is nothing worth looking at on the Internet, my eyes and ears can't take much more editing video or music today. I am exhausted, yet I know that even if I crawled into bed right now, sleep would elude me. And there is nothing that makes time go slower than laying awake in bed, counting the seconds in your head. My doctor had told me in the past that it may have something to do with the various mental and physical ailments that I suffer from, and I am not one to argue with him.

I fear that one day, I will awaken and discover that I have been asleep the whole time, just dreaming of insomnia, not unlike the protagonist in Fight Club. Only I doubt that my fantasy self would even assume to try to look like Brad Pitt. Even my Id has too many self image issues to assign it such a lovely avatar.

OK, I am babbling now...

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